A’pretti International (APT) Specialises in Professional Training and High quality Products in Eyelash Extension. With a International Team of Educators from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, API offers wide range of Nails and Eye Lash extensions Training Courses (Basic to Advance Professionals and Trainers) to nurture you to become a World Class Professional. 

WORLD CLASS TRAINERS Lead by Chief Trainer Barry Ho, API has a team of experienced International certified trainers to nurture potential candidates to become World Class Professionals. The journey will take them through the acquisition of knowledge on wide range of products and tools and the safety in the use and application of eye lashes. They will be imparted with the expertise skills on the latest application technique from Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and to be able to design wide range of styles to beautify all kinds of eyes. Certifications are internationally recognized. 

COMPETITIONS. Those who are interested in seeking challenges to hone their skills and to bench mark with the best professionals, the trainers will provide the preparation required to match world class standards in competitions which the academy participate s as part of the organising committee. 

TRAIN THE TRAINER. The academy also provides opportunity for candidates who wish to seek greater heights to become trainer level accredited to international standards, who will also be eligible to participate as judge officials at world class competition. 

To delivery World class professional skills, there will be a need for high quality products and tools to ensure the highest standards in quality and safety. API constantly does market research in pursue of the best products and tools. It is only after stringent tests and verification by our team of professionals that the reliable ones will put on our shelves at a reasonably accepted price and recommend for use by our customers and students. All products are certified by recognised certifying agencies in the respective countries.The company has also engaged credible manufacturer in Korea to manufacture our own products in Nails and Eye Lash.The company is the exclusive distributor for the following leading major brands: